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It offers you a really good set of tools to clean up and optimize your system
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WinSysClean X4 offers you a really good set of tools to clean up and optimize your system. Those tools include a registry cleaner, a file and disk cleaner, several Internet browser cleaning options, service and driver monitors, and several Windows tuning options. All of that and much more is available to you within a compact and well-designed user interface.

This functional interface includes four sections – Cleaner, Internet, System monitor, and Windows tuning. In turn, each one provides you with shortcuts to the different tools. The first one – which is the one that opens by default every time you run the program – is the System Status. It allows you to know the general status of your PC at a glance, including information about the operating system and its version, the CPU, the memory, the storage, the installed anti-virus, the memory load, the system disk usage, and a list of all the incorrect Windows shutdowns.

Another most helpful tool offered by this program is the Registry Cleaner. It allows you to select the areas of the registry that you want the program to analyze. These include the invalid COM/OLE/ActiveX entries, any invalid Type Library entry, the obsolete software entries, the invalid shell extensions, the CLSID linked to missing TypeLib entries, the firewall rules for missing applications, and many others. File & Disk Cleaner is another of its tools, which allows you to select the types of junk files to look for and the drive to analyze.

Undoubtedly, "Windows Options" is one of the most outstanding tools this program puts at your disposal, with an extensive list of key actions to execute on your system. Thus, it can delete Windows documents history, clean Windows temporary folder, clean auto-run entries from the registry, delete Windows memory dump files, and many others. Finally, the "Internet Browsers" section allows you to perform actions such as cleaning the cache folder, deleting the cookies, deleting the history files, clearing the auto-complete information, etc., and all of them are available for five of the most popular Internet browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome.

All the above tools and features are just a sample of the most important ones that this program provides. Besides, I must mention a toolbar that is always visible regardless of the tool or section you are working on. This toolbar provides you with actions such as defragmenting the hard disk, creating a registry backup, restoring the registry, analyzing the memory for errors, and editing the Windows start-up. You can even schedule automatic system analysis and cleanings, to be performed periodically.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Compact and well-designed user interface
  • Offers you a really good set of tools to clean-up and optimize your system
  • Allows you to know the general status of your system at a glance
  • Allows you to back up and restore your system registry
  • Allows you to schedule automatic and periodic analyses


  • Does not allow you to customize the tasks to be performed in the scheduled analysis
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